How Mediavine saved 80 Hours a Month on Influencer Reporting with InfluenceKit


Stephie Predmore is the Director of Influencer Marketing at Mediavine — a full-service ad management platform that helps creators build sustainable businesses. As the leader in influencer marketing for her organization, Stephie has a lot of influencers to manage, tons of campaign data to track, and an array of client stakeholders to please.

She can’t afford to waste time on inefficient processes, platforms, or systems that don’t bring value to her company’s bottom line. That is why she uses the influencer reporting platform, InfluenceKit.

“Having something like InfluenceKit, where the influencers themselves are able to just connect their accounts, drop in their links, everything auto-populates, then it also continues to populate, has been a real game changer for us. It saves time on the backend for us and our clients since we can just send them a link and bookmark to reference later,”

– Stephie Predmore, Director of Influencer Marketing at Mediavine.


Burning precious billable hours on manual work

Before using InfluenceKit, Stephie pulled influencer campaign reports together manually to share with clients — an already painful process.

“When it was time to pull together a report, we were going through and pulling numbers from every single social media post and putting them into a spreadsheet. It was quite tedious,” Stephie explains.

What made this process even more painful was charging the client for extra hours to manually build these reports. This made it even more challenging for Stephie who wanted to provide clients with reports but knew the agency couldn’t without requesting a change order.

Not only was their experience with pulling reports consuming too much time and precious billable client hours, Stephie and her team still weren’t able to pull the exact metrics needed for her clients.

“There are a number of products that pull social media account information together, but none that could pull blogging metrics, which is key for us. We need to be able to see views, average time on page, and that people are actually engaging with the content, absorbing the messaging, and showing that value to our clients,” Stephie explains.

“Everything auto-populates, and we can share the reporting information with clients through a single link.”

– Stephie Predmore, Director of Influencer Marketing at Mediavine.

This meant that Stephie and the Mediavine team needed a better solution that could quickly generate beautiful reports with minimal effort, provide a place to revisit campaign information, see how it improves over time, and reduce the amount of time producing reports for stakeholders altogether.

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Dynamic & Beautiful Influencer Marketing Reports

InfluenceKit allows brands to move fast and generate beautiful influencer reports — without chasing influencers for screenshots and dated spreadsheets. After trying InfluenceKit and experiencing how simple it is to generate powerful reports in minutes, the Mediavine team implemented InfluenceKit into their tech stack.

“It was immediately obvious that we needed to use InfluenceKit. I quickly realized that this is very much what we need and a great solution for us. It gives us the information that we need when we need it,” says Stephie.

After a year of generating hundreds of reports, InfluenceKit is now a critical part of their influencer marketing arsenal for the following reasons:

First, InfluenceKit’s platform is extremely simple to use. All Stephie and her team have to do is create a campaign on InfluenceKit, invite their influencers, see deliverables added by influencers and start pulling in campaign data.

“It’s so easy for me to set up a campaign. We use a template with frequently asked questions, draft up our email, and send it out. The influencers themselves are able to connect their accounts, drop in their links, everything auto-populates, and we can share the reporting information with clients through a single link,” Stephie explains.

Second, InfluenceKit produces reports that are simply beautiful and actually presentable to clients.

“A lot of the other options on the market are not only not as comprehensive, but a lot of them just made straight up ugly reports,” Stephie explains.

“I can send the client a link and say ‘bookmark this link because you can check back in 60 or 90 days, or even a year, and see how that content is continuing to work for you…”

– Stephie Predmore, Director of Influencer Marketing at Mediavine.

Third, InfluenceKit provides Stephie, her team, and her clients with campaign information that doesn’t expire and can be revisited at any time.

“I can send the client a link and say ‘bookmark this link because you can check back in 60 or 90 days, or even a year, and see how that content is continuing to work for you. This has been so helpful when we want to approach a client about a campaign later down the road and we can easily repeat business,” Stephie explains.

But most importantly, InfluenceKit has dramatically cut down on the amount of time, labor, and awkward client conversations needed to produce influencer campaign reports.

“InfluenceKit cuts down a lot of the backend work that we have to do to create our report and it makes it a lot more convenient for our clients too,” Stephie explains.


By providing Mediavine with a user-friendly platform, InfluenceKit improves time and labor for Stephie and her team on a daily basis.

“InfluenceKit is really easy to use, not just for us, but also for our influencers. It’s definitely saved us a lot of hours,” Stephie says.

Stephie, her team, and her clients, also love how InfluenceKit’s reports are not just powerful, but also pretty to look at.

“It looks really nice and it gives us great numbers. It’s helping us produce nice-looking reports to clients with minimal effort on anyone’s part,” Stephie explains. Stephie says.

In addition to being enjoyable to use, InfluenceKit is helping Mediavine optimize their influencer marketing campaigns by being able to revisit campaign data to influence ROI decisions moving forward.

“I love the ability to be able to go back in later and see how a campaign is doing, even after I’ve submitted the report to the client. There’s never an end date on it. That’s nice because it’s helpful to be several months down the road, be able to circle back with a client, and encourage future business down the road.” Stephie says.

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