Campaigns help you keep your influencer marketing program neatly organized
Influencer Hub gives you and your team a single, simple place to plan, manage and track your influencer marketing efforts. It starts with creating a campaign

Influencer Campaign

InfluenceKit Features

Our platform does so much of the grunt work for you,

it almost feels like cheating 🤫

Stop wasting precious non-billable hours manually creating reports for your influencer campaigns. With InfluenceKit, agencies can produce and share beautiful, accurate, real-time reports with just a few clicks.

View rates for assignments and influencers

Send reports to clients, and they’ll stay up-to-date for every campaign, every channel, and every influencer.

Assignments make it easy to work with influencers

Measure how your content perfoms across different platforms.

View important stats

Measure metrics, like impressions and brand awareness, across all platforms

Easy to keep all communication in one place.

After onboarding your influencers, they add their deliverables, and InfluenceKit automatically creates a campaign report.