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Measure performance metrics that actually matter, view live campaign updates, and make better campaign decisions — without ever having to chase down influencers for deliverables.

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Influence happens in real-time. Your influencer campaign reporting should, too

InfluenceKit makes it almost TOO easy to:

Measure accurate campaign data

View & share real-time stats with stakeholders

Make informed campaign & budget decisions

Stop chasing down your influencers. Let the data come to you.

When you started your influencer marketing program, you didn’t expect having to prod your influencers quite so much to get accurate, up-to-date campaign data.

Be honest — how much time, brainpower, and precious daylight is your team spending on these tasks?

*grabs your hand earnestly* It doesn’t have to be this way.

Use InfluenceKit reporting to run better campaigns, learn what works, and increase your influencer ROI today.

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Our platform does so much of the grunt work for you, it almost feels like cheating 🤫

Generate influencer campaign reports in minutes

After onboarding your influencers, they add their deliverables, and InfluenceKit automatically creates a campaign report.

Share real-time data instantly

A single link is all it takes to share a gorgeous, professional report.

Make ROI decisions with confidence

Learn from reporting insights so you can design more effective campaigns.

Psst, boundaries are important

Your brand needs accurate, live data — but it’s too risky and invasive to have direct access to an influencer’s profiles.

That’s why InfluenceKit offers a secure way for influencers to provide their deliverables without sharing account access. Everybody wins! Maybe we should change the name to WinfluenceKit…

See metrics for every channel

InfluenceKit’s all-in-one dashboard pulls metrics for blog posts, web pages, videos, emails, and social media posts into one beautiful, easy-to-understand report.

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Our platform does so much of the grunt work for you, it almost feels like cheating 🤫

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