We’re Hiring a Customer Success Manager!

We’re Hiring a Customer Success Manager!

(100% Remote, Part-time)

We need your help! Here’s a chance to be one of the first employees at a small but growing SaaS company:

What’s the job?

As Customer Success Manager, you’ll ensure our brand and agency customers get the most value from using InfluenceKit. This means helping them save time on reporting, and helping them better understand their campaign results so they can prove their ROI. 

This job is both reactive (responding to incoming customer support requests), and proactive (communicating of new features, curating a monthly newsletter, tracking customer experience metrics).

We want InfluenceKit to delight our customers, and the Customer Success Manager will help make sure that happens.

Your day-to-day might include:

  • Customer support. You’ll answer customer questions via chat, email, or virtual meetings.
  • Customer feedback. You’ll develop feedback surveys or perform customer interviews.
  • Onboarding improvements. You’ll identify ways to make our customer onboarding process better.
  • Account spot checks. You’ll check on customer accounts to identify reporting issues
  • Product iteration. You’ll communicate customer feedback and product ideas to the team
  • Customer communication. You’ll write and send a curated monthly newsletter, as well as product updates.

To be good at this job, you’ll need:

  • Words. You communicate effortlessly (verbal and written) in English.
  • Outlook. You have a kind, calm, friendly attitude, and you’re eager to help.
  • Systems. You’re motivated to create efficiency, so you develop processes and systems to solve problems
  • Initiative. You’re not waiting around for someone to tell you what to work on. 

How you’ll know if you’re succeeding:

  • An increase % of account trials that reach “success”
  • Customer surveys show an increase in satisfaction (vs. previous year)
  • You’ve planned and begun executing a newsletter strategy within 1 month of hire

Who you’ll report to:

You’ll report to (and work closely with) the co-founders, Bruno ( that’s me!) and Chris. 


This is a contracted hourly position. We’re expecting to pay between $17 and $35 per hour.

About Us:

InfluenceKit helps brands and content creators build stronger relationships and prove the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns. When done right, influencer marketing is the best way for authentic brands to connect with engaged audiences. We’re here to help do it right. 

How we work: 

We’re family first. A kid’s birthday or soccer game will always take priority over a work meeting.

We’re human. Buzzwords and lingo begone. The customer on the other end is a normal person, just like us, so that’s how we relate to them.

We’re a calm company. Not denting the universe, just making things a little better for our customers, our communities, and our families.